Kolusuwakon (Passamaquoddy Words - Spirits and other Beings)

Passamaquoddy Words of Spirits and other Beings
Traditional Knowledge: 


Mahtoqehs            snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus); (also, in general) rabbit

Mihkomuwehs      mihkomuwehsuhke … s/he uses spiritual powers for evil purposes

Cipelam                spirit of the night

Neqtaq                 neqtaqtek … single-barreled shotgun

Pukcinsqehs                  Stump woman - name of malicious woman in oral tradition

Sqewtomuhs         female apparition seen or heard crying eerily; swamp woman

Wonakomehs         little person who lives in among rocks

Lompekuwinuhsis Water spirit

Putuwosuwin        Council member

Aputumkon           Sea serpent

Pronunciation of names and divinities, SR28