Passamaquoddy description of the Snake song and dance: Snake song [sound recording] / spoken by Noel Joseph

Jesse Walter Fewkes collection of Passamaquoddy cylinder recordings SR04

Engineer notes: There is very bad mold damage at the end of this cylinder which degrades the audio quality significantly and causes the skips and jumps at the end.;FCP notes: Surface noise, especially in last 30 seconds. Announcement: "Snake song and description by Newell [sic] Josephs of the Passamaquoddy tribe, Calais, Maine, March 18, 1890."

Related Fewkes' fieldnotes are located at the National Anthropological Archives (ms. 4408:9) p. 39, 47-52.

Introduction in English, remainder in Passamaquoddy language.

Location Description: 

Calais (Me.)