Fewkes Calais Field Notebook


Excerpt form Jesse Walter Fewkes' Calais Field Notebook

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M’Touilin [has telephonic power]


[17] Ancient War Song –

Mohawk say very ancient –

2nd part

Song to get Exchange or Trade go into room and sing


Song sung  Knock at door sing song. Then

go into the home and dance around 2x or 3x singing and ask to exchange

something. The owners are obliged to give what he asks for in the

wigwam [or of as much value].

(Possibly this is the same

ss the Pipe song of ?

dance accompanying pipes.)

? do this some times.

Dress old, picket hats like that of Mrs Brown. Loose

dress, wearing leggings. ? like[paint]

Mask ? face. Hair tied up


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Hair tied up so that it stood up.

This dance is not yet extinct but

very old

[powder-face mask sometimes]