Namopawak (numbers) and Pemoluhkemkil (weekdays)

Numbers and days of the week spoken by Noel Joseph in 1890 and in 2018 by Dwayne Tomah. SR 08
Traditional Knowledge: 

The numbers and the days of the week were recorded by Jesse Walter Fewkes in his visit to the Passamaquoddy community in March 1890. These were based off the schedule for vocabulary established by the Smithsonian Institution. These were translated by David Francis in 1983 when the first copy of the recordings was returned to Passamaquoddy. In 2018, new work was done to listen to these again, to check the translations and to create a new recording of them. This is spoken by Dwayne Tomah.

Namopawok (Passamaquoddy Numbers)

One - Neqt
Two - Nis
Three - Nihi
Four - New
Five - Nan
Six - Kamahcin
Seven - Oluwikonok
Eight - Oqomolcin
Nine - Esqonatek
Ten - Qotinsk


Pemoluhkemkil (Passamaquoddy Days of the Week)

Sunday - Sonte
Monday - Kissonte
Tuesday - Nisewey Pemoluhkemkil
Wednesday - Nihi Pemoluhkemkil
Thursday - New Pemoluhkemkil
Friday - Skehewahtoq
Saturday - Kotuwahsonte

Noel Joseph
Location Description: 

Indian Township, Maine

Jesse Walter Fewkes collection of Passamaquoddy cylinder recordings SR08

Engineer notes: At the two minute mark there is a physical hole in the cylinder that causes the very loud pops. The hole looks intentional, being very symmetrical as if it was done on a drill press. The hole only goes halfway through the cylinder.;FCP notes: Announcement at the beginning: "Two drills and counting-out rhymes by Newell Josephs [sic], taken by J. Walter Fewkes on the 15th day of March, 1890." Announcement at 1:49: "Days of the week, and funeral song."

Related Fewkes' fieldnotes are located at the National Anthropological Archives (ms. 4408:9) p. 39, 47-52.; Translations in related collection: David Francis translations of the Jesse Walter Fewkes Passamaquoddy cylinder recordings (AFC 1983/025).

Introductions in English, remainder in Passamaquoddy language.

Noel Joseph
Location Description: 

Calais (Me.)