Passamaquoddy story of Glooscap and the animals, part 2 [sound recording] / spoken by Noel Joseph

Jesse Walter Fewkes collection of Passamaquoddy cylinder recordings SR31

"The story of how Glooscap reduced the size of the animals. These cylinders give the story in substantially the same way as published by Leland in his "Algonguin Legends."" --Fewkes, JAF 1890, p 258.

Engineer notes: Surface is clean but shows signs of wear.; FCP notes: Announcement: "Glooscap and the animals, #2."

Related Fewkes' fieldnotes are located at the National Anthropological Archives (ms. 4408:9) p. 8.

Introduction in English, story in Passamaquoddy language.

Location Description: 

Calais (Me.)