Life After Île Ste-Croix


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Cultural Narrative: 

Île Ste-Croix, a tiny island with 400 years of history, sits between Canada and the United states. In June 2004, commemorative events on this island brought together three cultures claiming history and a stage. Acadians use the commemoration to celebrate 400 years of Francophone culture. Anglophones use the event to promote a tourist destination that they hope will revive their local economy. Forgotten, abandoned and driven from their Canadian lands, the Passamaquoddy use this event to demand official recognition and Native rights from the government of Canada. Life After Île Ste-Croix documents the stories behind the commemorative events. It shows the human face of history by presenting the compelling stories of people who engage with their history, with the stories of their pasts, in order to improve their lives in the present.