Kolusuwakon (Passamaquoddy words)

Speech, vocabulary items spoken by Noel Joseph and translated by Dwayne Tomah SR 09
Traditional Knowledge: 

Written by Dwayne Tomah 2018

Tahkonesunol Maksonol: shoe

Muskenom: pull it out

Muwinewiyil kotuhpnil: bear parts I’m hungry

Buffoluwew: buffalo

Mahtoqehsuwew: rabbit

Mahtoqehsuwew: rabbit

Kiwonekew: otter

Muwinewakon: bear brain

Muwinewosis: little bear

Jesse Walter Fewkes collection of Passamaquoddy cylinder recordings SR09

Passamaquoddy for vocabulary terms listed in "Introduction to the study of Indian languages, with words, phrases and sentences to be collected", 1980; Schedule 3 -- Dress and Ornaments (p 82-83). The recording includes terms for various items of clothing as well as materials and colors.

Engineer notes: Cylinder is noisy, otherwise fair to good condition; Speech is somewhat clear at first, but then is hard to understand; gentle nudges needed at times to keep tracking;FCP notes: Announcement: "Vocabulary from the Passamaquoddy Indians taken from page 82 of the Smithsonian schedule, March the 15th, 1890, by Newell Josephs [sic]."

Related Fewkes' fieldnotes are located at the National Anthropological Archives (ms. 4408:9) p. 39, 47-52.

In Passamaquoddy and English.

Location Description: 

Calais (Me.)